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IJMS World Conference of Medical Student Research

The Internal Journal of Medical Students (IJMS) has worked for a long, uninterrupted time with a primary aim to serve as the chief diffusion platform for early-career scientists in medicine. This expands beyond the routine publication of manuscripts to empowering medical students' engagement in research and providing a platform for them to their display their work of the same.

Keeping the spirit of nurturing medical student research worldwide alive, IJMS has decided to organize an online  Research Conference where medical students and recent graduates (up to 3 years of certification) can present their research in front of an international audience.

The IJMS Research Conference organization team strongly believes in the importance of medical students / recently graduated physicians in medical research. The IJMS, therefore, through the upcoming conference, provides the opportunity for the aforementioned to have visibility and peer valuation of their work. As medical students gather together and share their research experiences, the hope is that there will be consequential increased engagement in research among medical students and a step forward towards the global empowerment of medical students with research skills and competence. To the best of our knowledge, at present, there are no international research conferences for medical students nor one organized and run by a medical student organization; the upcoming conference aims to change this issue.

Read more at: https://doi.org/10.5195/ijms.2022.1580

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